IMG_0630My name is Richard Grainger.

Welcome to my website.

I am a novelist, freelance writer and an editor.

I have written for many publications including Rugby World, Saga Magazine and Horse & Hound. You can find more information and samples of my work in the ‘about me’ section of this site.

My main interests are Rugby Union, cricket, history and horse riding. My speciality is to find interest in the mundane and to make dull people and their narratives come alive.

Please have a look around this site and contact me if I help you with a project. Anything — from a technical manual to help with telling the greatest story ever told.

If you would like me to write your narrative, assist with media coverage for your event, or prepare promotional literature, please get in touch.

My company is called Maverick Multi-media and I work across all written and digital platforms to tell the whole story.

This picture tells a story, doesn’t it? A pool of water beside a cute puppy. Easy to blame the puppy; but the key thing is, what is the real story behind the facts, opinions and circumstantial evidence?


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