Margaret Thatcher — first woman to govern Britain

Margaret Thatcher — first woman to govern Britain

On the day that Big Ben stopped as Margaret Thatcher was eulogised, demonised and then buried, I wonder what sort of a world it is we now live in.

What would the woman who was incorrectly attributed as having said that there is no such thing as society make of the societal constructs that define the second decade of the 21st century?

Whatever you may think of the woman — the first to govern Britain — and she did govern Britain — her last ten years were hell.

A long, long time before the end, a series of strokes and — cruellest of all for such a sharp-witted person — the blank page that is dementia, had ended her life in all but name.

So I got to wonder, what is ‘society’, does it actually exist, and — if it does — what purpose does it serve?

Now, this isn’t one of my usual blogs.

I’m not going to insult anyone, try to be funny and take a few cheap shots at things that annoy me.

With one exception.

I just can’t get my head around why there is not some sort of minimum qualification criteria before people are permitted to have children.

Note, if you will, have, rather than want to have children.

Because the two things are not the same.

In a world in which you need qualifications, certificates, proof of attendance (yes, I have done a Speed Awareness course) as a minimum standard, even for a job where you wear day-glow, bringing human beings into the world is open to absolutely anyone.

Now, before you say: do one, Herr Hitler, let me explain.

Yesterday’s Daily Mail (Well I am in Spain and they don’t sell The Times here) carried a story that amplifies this.

Linda Doran — top parenting?

Linda Doran — top parenting?

Linda Doran was jailed for 30 months for giving an alibi to her two youngest sons (14 and 17) who murdered a 53 year-old alcoholic homeless man.

They beat him to death for a dare.

For fun.

Their oldest brother (our kid) is already doing time for murder. The brats were jailed for a total of 26 years — out in five.


I can’t be bothered to name them because they’re scum and should not exist.

None of them had ever met their father (a different one for each child — but that in itself is not the issue) and had been running wild since… well, since they could run.

And did Ms Doran give any

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consideration to the forces of evil she was bringing into this world? Or did she just want to get laid?

The decision is really quite simple — either you want a child, or you want a fuck. Maybe sometimes you may want both. But if it’s simply the latter, then you have a moral responsibility to ‘society’ to take precautions.

In my world, everyone is sterilised at birth.


Prince William right through to the scumbag woman who brood-mared those scumbag children.

Then when you have met the basic criteria and have shown that you have a similar ability to raise children, as you would need to have to drive a car without killing people, you may produce your progeny.



I finally got round to watching Harry Brown the other night, and I’m right there with him. If you haven’t seen it — do.

There’s nothing I find more Draconian or Orwellian than hoards of feral children — often straight out of nappies — terrorising estates, vandalising property, mugging or murdering

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vulnerable people and, for those who bother to turn up, disrupting the education of others.

Maybe ‘society’ is a theoretical construct generated by intellectuals who mistakenly believe that humans have a significant connection beyond sharing the same genetic formula.

A ‘society’ only exists when there is consensus, and there is no consensus as to how to deal with ‘society’s’ problems.


Wish Thatcher had said it, but sadly she didn’t.

Penguins have evolved a more workable society than humans.

Care to share?
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